Consultancy – CHS Alliance “Governing Well” project support

13 January 2022

CHS Alliance is looking for a consultant to support the CHS Alliance in delivering the “Governing Well” project. The report will map how current CHS Alliance members’ governing boards (trustees) are addressing issues of organisational culture and staff well-being, highlight some good practices, and provide recommendations.


The ideal candidate shall be registered as a consultant in their country or work for a consulting firm. They shall have, among others, knowledge of the humanitarian sector and CHS, excellent organisational / communication skills and good writing skills.

The consultancy will take place through March 2022.

The detailed terms of reference are available here.

Applications shall include a CV or company informationbrief proposal for the work including fees (with taxes) and at least one example of published work relevant to this report.

Applications are to be sent to:

Deadline to submit your application is: Thursday 3 February 2022