CHS Tracker Platform Development – Peer Learning Functionalities on Salesforce

27 July 2023

The Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (CHS) is a globally recognised tool to help organisations improve the quality and effectiveness of aid. The CHS has been designed with measurability in mind – allowing organisations to see the extent to which they meet the Standard, and identifying areas that need improvement.

The CHS Alliance Verification Scheme offers different approaches to verifying the degree to which an organisation is implementing the CHS in its work. The three current verification options include CHS Self-Assessment, undertaken with support from the CHS Alliance, and Independent Verification and Certification, which are conducted by a third-party auditor. The different options have been developed in acknowledgment of the variety of aid organisations operating in the sector, as well as the different stages they may be at in their journeys to meet the CHS Nine Commitments.

All verification options use the 62 indicators outlined in the CHS Verification Framework and allow organisations to capture useful data and identify areas of strengths and weaknesses. The process of verification, or the overall verification journey, is captured in the CHS Tracker, an online platform allowing organisations to take the lead in their CHS Self-Assessment, with functionality expected in a number of areas to foster greater interconnectedness and peer learning between organisations undertaking verification.

In 2023, the CHS Alliance launched its CHS Tracker, the product of the first phase of the CHS online platform development. The CHS Tracker enables organisations to conduct a CHS Self-Assessment online, using surveys to consult different groups of stakeholders. Organisations are enabled to progress their Self-Assessment journey through the platform, collect the information they need, and see the results. They are also able to develop reports and improvement plans, which they submit to the CHS Alliance for validation.

The current project aims to build on phase 1 by adding functionalities beyond the CHS Self-Assessment. Once these functionalities are online, the CHS Alliance aims to further facilitate and support the improvement journey of verified organisations by allowing them to access resources and capacity, network and learn from peers in the sector. 

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