CHS Alliance offers a number of different training workshops for members of the Alliance and other stakeholders. CHS Alliance's capacity-development team holds a range of courses, which include the following:

Training Programme 2019

CHS Alliance open training workshops 2019

Location Date Course Language Register
London, UK Jan 22-25 SEA investigations English Delivered
Manila, Philippines Mar 11 PSEA & investigations for managers English Delivered
Manila, Philippines Mar 12-15 SEA investigation English Delivered
Birmingham, UK April 9-12 SEA investigation English Full
Prague, Czech Republic May 14-17 CHS ToT English Book
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Jun 17 PSEA & investigations for managers English Book
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Jun 18-21 SEA investigations English Full
Amman, Jordan June 24-27 CHS ToT English Book
Geneva, Switzerland  Oct 8-11 SEA investigations English Full
Geneva, Switzerland  Nov 5-7 SEA investigations follow-up English  Invitation only


Our training courses are interactive and participatory, and focus on the practical application of the topics covered. Various learning methods are used to cater to different learning styles of participants. Courses usually include presentations, discussions, case studies, practical activities, role plays and other exercises promotion a lively and positive learning environment.

Sharing of materials and handouts

We provide course participants with copies of all the materials and presentations used. We also give a set of references for further reading according to participants’ interests and needs.


We present participants with a course completion certificate at the end of the workshop, provided they have attended all the training days and that they have completed any required pre-workshop assignments.

Follow up

The CHS Alliance’s training team is available to follow up remotely with information and advice for participants at any point, without charge, after they have completed the course. More formal mentoring or on-site assistance can be provided, for a fee.

Evaluation and review

Training services are reviewed regularly, taking into account feedback from agencies and workshop participants.

Bespoke training services

We can tailor-make training packages according to your specific requirements. This service is offered on a cost-recovery basis.

For additional information, please contact the capacity-strengthening team via, or on +44 20 3137 3595.