PSEA and Investigation for Managers workshop

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Event date
15 Mar 2022 - 22 Mar 2022
Booking deadline
14 Mar 2022
5 days
8 am-12.30pm GMT / 9.00-13.30 CET
20 people (2 available)

This PSEA and Investigation for Managers workshop looks at how to manage investigations into staff misconduct, with a particular focus on investigations into sexual exploitation and abuse of beneficiaries by staff. Additionally, it explores safeguarding strategies that managers can implement in their organisations to reduce the risk of exploitation and abuse and improve their organisation’s capacity to receive and respond to allegations of staff misconduct.

This course will not train you in how to conduct investigations, but in how to supervise investigations.

See the chart below for course timing. All live sessions take place on the Zoom platform. Zoom links will be provided for group work as well.

Total study time is about 15 hours, including live sessions and individual and team work.

Activity Date Timing
Pre-workshop reading
From 1st March
Own time prior to the workshop
Live session 1 Tuesday 15 March 8 am-12.30pm UK time (GMT)
Individual work Before live session 2 Own time
Live session 2 Thursday 17 March 8 am-12.30pm UK time (GMT)
Group work Before live session 3 To be agreed by participants
Live session 3 Tuesday 22 March 8 am-12.30pm UK time (GMT)


A more detailed schedule will be shared prior to the course, together with information on how to prepare for it.

All sessions will take place on the Zoom platform.

Course fees*

Per participant (CHF) 
Full Member rate 485
Full member small agency rate* 290
Non Member rate 585


*A small agency is one with an annual income of less than 5 million Swiss francs.

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If you are a small CHS Alliance national member organisation located in a middle or low income country, consult us for possibilities for further discount (limited availability).

This workshop can also be delivered as sole-agency workshop. Please contact for enquiry.

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Registrations for this workshop will open on the 1st December 2021.

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