What is People Management?

People are at the centre of everything we do. We believe that to best serve those affected by crisis, humanitarian workers must be treated fairly and equitably, and also supported to do their jobs effectively.

The Core Humanitarian Standard includes a separate commitment dedicated to People Management:

Commitment 8: Communities and people affected by crisis receive the assistance they require from competent and well-managed staff and volunteers.

CHS Alliance services at a glance

The CHS Alliance helps its members and others fulfill this commitment with:

  • Resources, guidance and tools
    on managing people well, building an effective HR function, safeguarding staff and fulfilling a duty of care. See below our key resources.
  • Partnerships
    to take part in sector-wide initiatives and contribute to initiatives that focus on quality and accountability in people management.
  • Learning and collaboration
    to offer a dedicated space to make connections, learn and exchange with your peers within and outside the sector. For example, the CHS Alliance organises the Humanitarian HR (HHR) Conference.
  • Tailored HR advice
    including bespoke problem analysis and practical advice on how to resolve people management challenges and meet the requirements of Commitment 8 of the CHS.

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Reach out to our People Management Adviser, Gozel Baltaeva, for more support and guidance on good people management.

“As a seasoned humanitarian, I always knew that people were the most important asset of any organisation. Staff at every level should be taken care of and invested in. Nurturing an environment where individuals can grow and contribute their full potential is no longer a ‘nice to have’, it’s a must.”

Gozel Baltaeva