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Please find below some key documents of the conference.

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No organisational resilience without inclusive staff security

HHR Asia is starting on Monday in Bangkok: 50 human resources (HR) professionals will get together to discuss how to build resilient organizations in a changing humanitarian sector. We had a quick virtual coffee with Adelicia Fairbanks, Research Adviser at the European Interagency Security Forum (EISF), to chat about the safety and security of humanitarian staff...

What exactly is so specific about HR in the humanitarian sector?

With just a few days to go until HHR Asia 2018, we were curious to get to know one of the speakers, Clare Condillac, Director of Bongo HR, a bit better, so we had a quick coffee with her and asked her a few questions...


Do you ever feel like something is holding you back? Resilient organisations start with resilient people.

I’m a long-time supporter and advocate of all things related to the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS), having convened and facilitated three previous HHR conferences, and attended the events as a participant for many years before that...

During crisis, humanitarian organisations may experience an abrupt change in the ways their operations are run. Download our flyer and join HHR Asia to find out how to increase your organisation’s resilience so that you will be prepared when challenges arise.

Together, we will: 

  • Explore the concept and the principles of organisational resilience;
  • Work with key stakeholders to identify strategies and practical ways to support organisations to become resilient;
  • Network with other HR and humanitarian specialists from Asia with the intention to establish a strong Asia-based HR practitioners' network;
  • Share our respective experience at a lively and interactive Market Place;
  • Participate in a World Café group discussion on how to strengthen individual and organisation resilience.

As a result of the conference we aim to identify:

  • Characteristics of resilient organisations, leaders and aid workers;
  • The role of HR in building resilient organisations;
  • The balance between duty of care and high performance especially when funds are limited;
  • Key challenges of organisational resilience.

Why organisational resilience?

Disasters continue to test the resilience of many humanitarian organisations, and Asia is the most disaster-prone region in the world. In cases of major crises organisations with limited or no prior experience in humanitarian response often experience an abrupt change in the ways their operations are run. It is not only about continuing work and recovering from the disaster, it is the ability to effectively manage change and thrive during the change process and beyond. The aim of this year’s HHR Conference is to improve the ability of participating organisations, both individually and as a community, to find, select, prepare and retain human resources for emergency and non-emergency operations. 


Option 1: CHF 860 (GBP 650) including accommodation for three nights at the Conference Hotel 
Option 2: CHF 660 (GBP 500) non-residential fee for local participants who do not require accommodation.

Please note that this is the postponed HHR Asia Conference which was originally scheduled for May 2017. 



Summary agenda

Day 1: 27 November 2017

Presentations and discussions

Welcome to HHR Asia 2017:
Introduction to the CHS Alliance

Panel discussion:
What is organisational resilience and what can impact on organisation resilience?

The risks that can affect organisational resilience

World café to discuss:

  • Role of leadership in strengthening organizational resilience
  • Role of HR in strengthening individual and organizational resilience
  • Role of line managers in strengthening individual resilience / organizational resilience
  • Role of external support in strengthening organizational resilience
  • Coaching to strengthen individual resilience

Day 2: 28 November 2017

Presentations and discussions

Opening speaker:
Grand Bargain: Implications and role of HR

Group presentations and discussion:

ORGANISATIONAL RESILIENCE exploring resilience at different levels:

  • Creating team and organisational cultures that value well-being
  • Maintaining the balance between duty of care and high levels of performance in a  changing humanitarian sector
  • Supporting your implementing partners to be resilient in humanitarian response

SUSTAINABILITY STREAM: role of HR in financial, programmatic, institutional sustainability:

  • Developing capacity for organizational resilience and sustainability through strategic HR
  • How to ensure sustainability amidst decreasing funds – changing the business model to stay relevant
  • How can HR prove it really adds value to an effective humanitarian response?

Market place

Day 3: 29 November 2017

Presentations and discussions

Presentations and discussions:
Building organizational resilience and sustainability through better systems – update on current research and case studies 

Way Forward and Action Planning
What does HR need to do tomorrow?

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