Associate Membership

Who is eligible for associate membership of the CHS Alliance?

An organisation is eligible to be made an associate member of the CHS Alliance if:

  • It is an organisation or entity which does not meet the eligibility requirements for or requirements of full membership, but whose activities and management practices are consistent with and supportive of the vision, mission and objectives of the CHS Alliance. They can be donor agencies, United Nations agencies, national disaster management agencies, standards bodies, development and human rights organisations, academic institutes, networks, among others. 
  • It is legally registered or recognised in the country where it has its headquarters.
  • It makes no adverse distinction in their work on the basis of nationality, race, gender, religious belief, class or political opinion.
  • It meets the requirements for financial accountability under the laws in the country where they have their headquarters.
  • It has a documented organisational commitment to quality and accountability in their activities and management practices towards people and communities affected by disaster, conflict and poverty.

Associate member organisations must be approved by the governing board and adhere to the CHS Alliance membership by-laws and policies of the CHS Alliance. 

What are the requirements for all associate members of the CHS Alliance?

  • To nominate a CHS focal person as a key contact who can promote the use, application and monitoring of the CHS commitments in its organisation’s work.  
  • To provide annual feedback on the organisation’s quality and accountability activities.
  • To contribute to global learning through the submission of case studies or material on quality and accountability relevant to the CHS Alliance’s mission which can be used in Alliance publications.
  • To provide relevant platforms and advocacy opportunities, as relevant, in the pursuit of global adoption of quality and accountability commitments and practices by humanitarian and development actors.
  • To pay membership fees within eight weeks of receipt of annual invoice.

What are the rights of associate members of the CHS Alliance?

  • Entitled to attend and speak at general meetings of the CHS Alliance.
  • Entitled to nominate persons to stand for election to the board.
  • May be co-opted on to the board if they are a quality and accountability initiative or a donor to an organisation whose core activities include humanitarian action.
  • Entitled to participate in committees and working groups of CHS Alliance if invited.
  • Entitled to lodge proposals for consideration at the general assembly.
  • Entitled to preferential access to events and support services.

Associate members are:

  • Not entitled to vote at general meetings.
  • Not eligible for election to the board of the CHS Alliance. 

How much does associate membership of the CHS Alliance cost?

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Download the application form for associate membership of the CHS Alliance