Raising the Standard of PSEAH

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14 Jun 2021
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14 Jun 2021
1 day
14:00 Zurich

How can different PSEAH Standards work together to improve safeguarding?

To help organisations improve their work on preventing sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment (SEAH), it is important that there are sector-wide standards to clearly state what is expected.

The CHS and the IASC MOS are two standards widely used by NGOs and the UN and which donors committed to at the Safeguarding Summit in 2018. Other assessments and standards have also been developed or updated since then with the aim of preventing SEAH.

But what are the common, essential safeguarding elements that organisations need to be aware of?

This webinar will bring together experts from different agencies to consider the key PSEAH areas addressed by the existing standards and how they complement each other. It is designed to help practitioners understand the purpose and application of these standards, to ultimately deliver greater impact for the people we serve.

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