The CHS and the role of Quality & Accountability Focal Point

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Event date
24 Feb 2022 - 28 Apr 2022
Booking deadline
24 Feb 2022
8 days
1-2pm UK for facilitated sessions
30 people (8 available)

This eight module course aims to equip Quality and Accountability Focal Points with the knowledge, skills and good practices required to deliver their role effectively with regard to enhancing the CHS implementation within their organisation.

You will find bitesize self-learning modules that fit within a working day, a facilitated session to brainstorm and share experience every other week, and assignments that provide the space for self- and peer learning.

Modules Self-study
Live sessions
1 The CHS & the wider humanitarian system 1hr Plain language CHS
2 Understanding your role as focal point 3 March Key messages on the CHS
3 Where is your organisation at with the CHS 2 hrs Organisational strengths and weaknesses
4 Learning from other focal points 17 March Maximising impact
5 How change happens and how you drive change 1hr Assessing my skills
6 Build your skills for driving change 31 March Self-reflection & personal action plan
7 Tips & tricks on verification, improvement plans & monitoring & evidencing 2 hrs Q&A session on  14 April
8 Bringing it all together 28 April


The course will open on 24th February, where access to the platform and the first self-learning module will be provided.

Facilitated sessions last two hours each, and take place on Zoom. They are scheduled from 1 to 3pm UK (GMT; from 31st March BST).

Self-learning modules will be available on the CHS Alliance training platform, and will remain accessible for 6 months after the course ends.

Most modules comes with group work. Modules that are self-study require individual preparation ahead of the group work. The individual preparation is included into the self-study time. We will require participants to submit their assignments 24 hours ahead of facilitated sessions.


Course fees

Per participant (CHF) 
CHS Alliance Member rate 490
CHS Alliance member small agency rate* 295
Non CHS Alliance Member rate & individuals 595


*A small agency is one with an annual income of less than 5 million Swiss francs.

If you are a small CHS Alliance national member organisation located in a middle or low income country, consult us for possibilities for further discount (limited availability).

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