Increasing transparency on SEAH: launch of a pilot project to harmonise sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment data collection and reporting

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16 Sep 2022
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16 Sep 2022
14:00 Zurich time

No one organisation can overcome the problem of sexual exploitation, abuse or harassment (SEAH) in isolation.

Harmonising the way organisations report SEAH will increase transparency and improve common understanding of when, where and why these appalling incidents happen. Crucially, it will also inform how we can better tackle this common failing.

To make greater transparency a reality CHS Alliance with GCPS Consulting are launching the pilot phase of a new SEAH Harmonised Reporting Scheme on 16 September at 14:00 CEST time. The Scheme will advance the development of a harmonised SEAH data collection and reporting approach for aid organisations. The pilot phase will test the proposed harmonised framework with a range of organisations, 21 are already committe, but we need more to join us to find a system that works for all.

The launch event will provide information on the new Scheme, the pilot phase and what’s involved in joining.

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