CHS for Quality and Accountability focal points (pm UK time)

Event type
Remote - afternoon UK time
Event date
6 Oct 2021 - 1 Dec 2021
Booking deadline
30 Sep 2021
1 day
2-4 pm UK
20 people

This course objective is to equipe Quality and Accountability focal points with the knowledge, skills and good practices to deliver their role effectively. The seven modules explore the role and tasks of a quality and accountability focal point, how does it looks like when a CHS commitment is well implemented, what good practice and exemples can be useful as a reference, how to plan for verification, and how to build and monitor an improvement plan. The course is designed as a learning journey that enable participants to meet with facilitators and peers while self-reflecting on their learning and experience.

Module Self-study time
Live sessions
1 Opening & key messages on the CHS 2 hrs 6 October 2 to 4 pm UK
2 The CHS commitments in practice 3 hrs
3 Role and tasks of a focal point 1.5 hrs 27 October 2 to 4 pm UK
4 Getting internal support 0.5 hr & group work 3 November 2 to 4 pm UK
5 The verification framework 2.5 hrs
6 The improvement process 1 hr and group work
7 Monitoring and evidencing 1 hr 24 November 2 to 4 pm UK
8 Closure 1st December 2 to 4 pm UK


*The facilitation is being fine tuned and session duration might be slightly adapted

Individual work
All modules come with some material for self-learning, that we expect participants to complete. In addition, the workshop comes with four individual assignments, comprised into self-study time.


Team work
About two group work sessions will be required along the workshop duration.


A more detailed programme will be shared a week prior to the workshop.

All sessions will take place on the Zoom platform. The self-learning material will be available on the CHS Alliance remote training platform.

Course fees*

Swiss Francs (CHF) Full members Associate & non-members
Standard rate 590 765
Small agency rate* 295 415


*A small agency is one with an annual expenditure of less than 5 million Swiss francs.

If you are a small CHS Alliance national member organisation located in a middle or low income country, consult us for possibilities for further discount (limited availability).

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