Yemeni Response Council

Aim of the organisation

1. Achieving sustainable development, starting from the common global frameworks through which we seek, according to the priorities, weaknesses and vulnerabilities to reduce poverty and create a more secure and fair social system. 2. Seek to create societies that enjoy peace and stability and exercise transparency and partnership. 3. Enhancing trust between peoples and states based on good governance, equality, understanding, respect, solidarity and a fair distribution of interests, roles and opportunities, and respect for human rights. 4. Providing effective humanitarian and developmental roles in emergency situations, disasters and beyond, and in stable situations, in cooperation with all humanitarian partners at the local and international levels in all sectors of humanitarian work. 5. Activating the role of youth by building their capabilities, developing their skills, and supporting their projects.

Organisation activities

mission of Yemeni Response Council Work to alleviate suffering and provide a standard of life worthy of human beings in cases of disasters and natural conditions, leading to a conscious, stable and governance social environment capable of coexistence and partnership and a guarantor of transparency and equality practices, accumulation and sustainability of development

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