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Aim of the organisation

Taakulo Somali Community is a national local organization that is non-governmental, non-profit making, and non-political but development and humanitarian aid organization established in 2007. Taakulo has different operating offices in Somaliland, Somalia, and the Somali Region of Ethiopia where the headquarter is in Hargeisa, Somaliland. As a humanitarian organization, Taakulo has various aims that interconnect with one another, the most important aim of Taakulo is to alleviate the suffering of the needed people all around its scope of operations and to make the life of marginalized persons easier by delivering relevant humanitarian assistance. Taakulo also intends to support voiceless people in the context it operates and make their voices hearable. Taakulo is willing to strengthen the capacity of the people and reduce the repetitive crisis by accessing coping mechanisms to deal with crises and disasters. Taakulo also aimed to make a behavioral change and lead equity.

Organisation activities

As mentioned, earlier Taakulo is a humanitarian organization and all the assistance it provides is based on humanitarian standards and principles. Taakulo has a thematic area of WASH, Food Security and Livelihood, Protection, Education, Health, and Nutrition. In humanitarian settings, these are the main areas that Taakulo focuses on. More specifically, there are certain parts that Taakulo focuses on in each category, for instance, in WASH, Taakulo mainly implements WASH infrastructures, Promotion of Sanitation, provision of hygiene kits, and Water trucking, in FOOD SECURITY AND LIVELIHOOD, there are provisions of Cash assistance (both conditional and unconditional), provisions of Food Items and conditions of non-food items, in PROTECTION, there is child protection, GBV with mainly awareness activities, safeguarding, advocacy campaigns, in EDUCATION it mainly focuses on orphan sponsorship programs and master sponsorship wherein HEALTH AND NUTRITION is more about health infrastructures.

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