Safe Road for Peace & Development

Aim of the organisation

The aim of Safe Road for Peace & Development (SRPD) is to empower people, save lives, defeat poverty, and achieve social justice and life with integrity, especially for those living in poverty and marginalized communities, where they can utilize their potential for sustainable development. SRPD's vision is to create a community where all individuals have access to basic necessities rights through prioritizing the needs of vulnerable populations and working towards reducing the suffering caused by crises, and complying with the Humanitarian principles and Core Humanitarian standards. SRPD's mission is to empower people in need and help to build a brighter future for them and live with integrity. SRPD's purpose is to help create lasting solutions to the injustice of poverty. SRPD uses a combination of rights-based sustainable development programs, public education, campaigns, advocacy, and humanitarian assistance in disasters and conflicts.

Organisation activities

SRPD is an organization dedicated to empowering civil societies and offering support across various domains, such as emergency response, health, relief and shelter, protection, food security and nutrition, WASH, and construction and rehabilitation. SRPD provides prompt aid in emergency situations, delivering safe shelter and healthy living conditions for individuals impacted by disasters and conflicts. Their health initiatives focus on enhancing maternal and child survival, water access, family planning, and HIV/AIDS education. Currently, SRPD is actively collaborating with UNHCR on a socioeconomic assessment project for refugees and asylum seekers. Other partnership highlights SRPD's commitment to promoting human rights, food security, and sustainable development. SRPD has implemented numerous projects, including those related to cholera, COVID-19 response, food assistance, and agricultural support, working alongside various organizations and UN agencies to achieve their objectives.

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