Rural Community Development Society

Aim of the organisation

Vision: “Socio-economic empowerment of society where all citizens avail their potential for the societal benefits on equal basis” Mission: “A struggle for a just and democratic society through making marginalized communities’ socio-economically empowered”

Organisation activities

RCDS is working to achieve the following objectives: 1. Develop an institutional infrastructure to infuse and promote sustainable participatory approach and shared vision at grassroots level 2. Help reduce unemployment and alleviate poverty by exploiting appropriate resources and employing appropriate mechanisms for promotion of economic activities 3. Increase the access of the poor communities to better health and education facilities 4. Access to the better Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation Facilities 5. Improve the human and technical capabilities of the poor through certain capacity building initiatives 6. Help women development through the provision of opportunities for them to participate in the process of development 7. Productive physical infrastructure development 8. Promote the innovation and value addition in horticulture and agriculture sector 9. Gender empowerment, NRM & Advocacy Networking 10. Protect environment and promote cleaner and greener Pakistan

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