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Aim of the organisation

A group of Qatari philanthropists, alarmed by the rising number of children orphaned by wars and conflicts in neighboring countries, came together to form a community initiative called “The Committee of Qatar for Orphan Sponsorship”. Eight years later, an international NGO was set up under the name “Qatar Charity” to scale up the initiative, broaden its range of activities and augment its outreach.

Almost four decades later, Qatar Charity has grown to become one of the largest humanitarian and development organizations in the world, providing life-saving assistance to those hit by conflicts, persecution and natural disasters and creating durable solutions for poverty using sustainable development programs in social welfare, water and sanitation, education, nutrition and economic empowerment.

Organisation activities

Today, with field offices in 30 countries and implementing partners in 20 others, we are at the forefront of global response to emergencies, and on the foreground of development solutions that help vulnerable communities become more resilient and ultimately thrive and prosper.

Throughout the past five years, Qatar Charity reached 29 million people through large scale humanitarian and development projects with a total cost of 1.2 billion US Dollars.

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