Aim of the organisation

Nusaned is a Lebanese non-profit humanitarian, community-based, and volunteer organization that remains at an equal distance from all religions and doesn’t engage in any political activity. The organization began its journey in December 2019 just two months after the October uprising with a vision to empower marginalized communities throughout Lebanon to live sustainably supporting communities based on a non-biased, egalitarian, and value-based needs assessment process with the ultimate goal of these communities becoming self-sustaining. Our vision is to empower the marginalized Lebanese communities throughout Lebanon to live sustainably. Our mission is to support under-served Lebanese communities to become self-sustaining by offering access to food security, building shelter, and providing ongoing opportunities for productive economies. We do this through innovative and effective partnerships with communities as well as locally engaged international organizations and donors.

Organisation activities

Nusaned created 3 main programs “Roofs That Shield”, “Crops That Yield”, and “Goods In Need”. The activities under these programs are implemented through innovative and effective partnerships with communities as well as locally engaged, international organizations and donors. Economically, Nusaned aims at identifying opportunities that create living incomes and ensure gender balance within the communities, at creating employment in the agricultural and construction sectors, at supporting micro-enterprises, and at instilling a sense of sweat-equity. Socially, Nusaned strongly believes in cultivating a community participatory approach in every one of their projects, whether it is rehabilitating and building healthy houses, neighborhood community spaces or investing the local capacity and development of the workers. Environmentally, Nusaned aims at promoting sustainable agriculture to achieve food security, engaging the community in waste management activities.

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