National Society for Earthquake Technology-Nepal

Aim of the organisation

NSET works for the institutionalization of Earthquake Safety in Nepal and the region, and also contributes to addressing multi-hazards, and mainstreaming disaster risk reduction into development.

Organisation activities

NSET has a three-pronged strategy:

- To sensitize, educate and facilitate all institutions to undertake organized approaches to managing and minimizing earthquake risk by transferring information, technical knowledge, and skills, and helping them to mobilize resources for this purpose.
- To advocate for favorable and supportive policies, legal mechanisms, increased investments and a unified and effective national earthquake response mechanism and a system of incentives and disincentives to enable communities to become earthquake safe.
- To build a strong, well-resourced and credible institution that will be the national focal point for earthquake risk management actions, a facilitator and coordinator in the network of earthquake disaster management, and a source of all available information on the subject.

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