National Integrated Development Association

Aim of the organisation

The vision of NIDA-Pakistan: Social empowerment at grass root level for sustainable development Mission NIDA-Pakistan is striving to mobilize and organize marginalized groups for management and development of resources.

Organisation activities

NIDA-Pakistan Programmatic Approach is bottom-up and holistic, focusing on individual behavior change amongst children, men and women as well as systematic change in policy and practice towards a more supportive environment for development. We deliver grassroots programs in some of the most hard-to-reach, social inaccessible, culturally rigid, remote and underserved areas of Pakistan. We are mobilizing, organizing and forming community base structures for self-help-based approaches and building their capacities through coaching, training and exposure. We also support governments and policymakers to engage marginalized/deprived segments of society in the decisions that affect them. In addition, we build the capacity of other organizations to work more effectively with and for community at large. We also produce research, toolkits, guidance and generate evidence to share our experience with the local, national, regional and global level stakeholders on different areas to ensure we are

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