Nabd Development and Evolution Organization (NDEO)

Aim of the organisation

NDEO’s Objectives: • Contributing to the stabilization of the society to develop its productive capacities to reduce poverty and unemployment • Contribute to address the direct, implicit, and fundamental factors that affect people's health • Contributing to the development of educational performance system to raise the level of outputs in order to achieve sustainable development • Contributing in the providing of water and sanitation services and ensuring that they are managed in a way that achieves sustainability for all • Contributing to the reducing of the effects of conflicts and natural disasters • Qualifying and empowering young people of both genders, technically and professionally, to contribute to sustainable development • Strengthening partnerships with relevant parties in international and local humanitarian work • A team capable of providing the service with high efficiency and professionalism through an appropriate environment

Organisation activities

NDEO implemented many activities: -Emergency Response for IDPs and affected Communities -Hand Tillage Machine Ownership for Poor Families -Providing PPE kits to public Hospitals to prevent COVID-19 -Distributing 500 school bags with their basic supplies -Distributing COVID-19 Hygiene Materials -Hand Tillage Machine Ownership for Poor Families -Supporting Conflict- affected people with Ramadan food baskets -Rehabilitation of Schools -Integrated Emergency Life-Saving WASH Response, Education and Shelter for IDPs and Conflict Affected Communities in Beit Al Faqih District, Al Hudaydah Governorate - School Bag Distribution Activity -

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