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To work alongside communities to build a more resilient, inclusive future. At Mercy Corps, we seek solutions to the world’s toughest challenges. To take on the consequences of conflict and climate change, we bring together bold ideas and the lived experience of people who know their communities best—scaling what works to achieve lasting, transformational change Mission: To alleviate suffering, poverty, and oppression by helping people build secure, productive, and just communities. Vision: We support communities, and the most marginalized within them, to emerge from crisis and build towards a more inclusive, resilient future. Inclusion and resilience are foundational characteristics of secure, productive, and just communities in which everyone can thrive. Through our programs, partnerships and influence we work towards 4 connected & reinforcing outcomes that determine people’s wellbeing: greater food security, water security, economic opportunities, and peace and good governance

Organisation activities

We act as a connector, a collaborator, a catalyst and an advocate for change. We work alongside communities to provide rapid relief in crisis, manage the effects of conflict and climate change, and create lasting solutions. Our Global Strategy, Pathway to Possibility, reflects the organisations ambition to meet the basic needs of communities affected by conflict and climate change, and to achieve lasting, transformational change at scale. We takes a resilience approach to meet its four strategic outcomes: Food Security, Peace & Good Governance, Water Security & Economic Opportunities. Our five reinforcing practices are foundational to driving greater and more sustained impact for and with those affected by crisis; we are climate smart, evidence driven, innovative and creative, locally led and safe, diverse and inclusive. Alignment, Accountability, and Allocation of resources, our 3As, enable us to refine our focus, make trade-offs, and realize our goals.

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