LASOONA: Society for Human and Natural Resource Development

Aim of the organisation

LASOONA’s Vision: A just, peaceful and prosperous society Mission Statement: To empower vulnerable and under-privileged communities through sustainable livelihoods, improved local governance, social cohesion and enhanced resilience to environmental hazards Aims and objectives: 1. To improve food security, nutrition and livelihood status of marginalized communities through enterprise development, integrated agriculture. 2. The deprived women, men, boys, girls have improved access to water and sanitation services in rural and urban areas. 3. Minimize human losses and sufferings in natural disasters and complex emergencies 4. To increase resilience of hazard prone communities and institutions to better prepare for, mitigate and respond to natural disasters. 5. Responding to the challenges of global climate change: enhancing resilience and supporting adaptation of communities and institutions 6. To contribute to an improved governance, right based development processes and social

Organisation activities

LASOONA has a five years’ strategic plan whereby vision and mission are achieved through six core programmatic areas. Following are the core themes of the organization; • WASH • Humanitarian Response • Food security and sustainable livelihoods • Disaster risk reduction • Climate change and environmental management • Governance and Peace Since its inception in 1997, LASOONA has implemented 31 humanitarian response projects and 42 long term developmental projects. These projects have been implemented in the areas of Food Security, Nutrition, WASH, DRR, Climate Change, Local governance and Poverty Graduation. LASOONA is one of the prominent NGO in Pakistan working in humanitarian response sector from the last 17 years. Humanitarian response is one of the core program and key strength.

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