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Aim of the organisation

The Foundation aims to contribute to mitigating the effects of a disrupted world. The Vision of the Foundation grows out of the conviction that a prosperous society is based on the rules of a market economy, a democratic political system and a consistent moral orientation of society. The purpose of the Integra Foundation is the support and realisation of public benefit projects, which have the following goals: a. Social and economic development of disadvantaged groups. b. Development of small enterprise as a way to reduce unemployment and create work opportunities. c. Implementing ethical principles in business, increasing transparency in business relationships and reduction of corruption in the business environment. d. Formation of companies toward a conscious social impact and increasing of corporate social responsibility of the private sector.

Organisation activities

In Kenya and Ethiopia, Integra has developed a “Child Sponsorship” program, thanks to which poor African children can go to school. Completed education has provided work for many of them, and they are able to look after themselves and their families. Integra is a member of international humanitarian Integral Alliance, with which it cooperates in the event of crises, wars and natural disasters. In the area of economic development and fair trade, we create decent working conditions and fair wages for farmers in Kenya and Ethiopia, where Integra plants trees and helps improve the climate. For their growers, trees provide a sustainable livelihood.

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