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- Reducing Poverty - Preserving Human Dignity - Preserving Gender Equality - Providing the Platform for Peacebuilding through Social-Cohesion

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GOPA-DERD and through its bilateral agreements with 16 UN and international partners, has launched its comprehensive set of programs that have today reached more than 5 million beneficiaries last year. These programs fall under the sectors of: Livelihood (Long-term: VT, Grants & Short-term: Cash (MPCA)/Voucher-assistance), FSA/FSL, FI/NFI distribution, Protection, Education, Health, Shelter & WASH. As GOPA-DERD operates within three main programming strategies: Emergency Response, Early Recovery, Livelihoods and Sustainable Development - we believe that focusing on gradually moving from Early Recovery to Livelihoods and Sustainable Development is the appropriate step forward in the near future, to provide affected populations/beneficiaries with multi-sectoral programs that have a longer-term resilient effect on their way to recovery from the crisis, rather than a shorter-term effect.

Syrian Arab Republic
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