Gazze Destek Derneği

Aim of the organisation
  1. Contributing to meeting the international growth goals stated as much as possible.
  2. Enhancing the international and local human rights and principles especially in places of poverty and conflicts.
  3. Providing the necessitous, vulnerable, marginalized, homeless, refugees, and all needy community groups with the proper humanitarian and developmental needs.
  4. Participating and assisting in relief and rescue operations in crises and disasters.
  5. Reinforcing cultural diversity and collaboration to serve humanity.
  6. Strengthening women and youth participation in all types of relief assistance and developmental operations.
  7. Taking care of the elders and disabled and facilitating their integration in society.
  8. Promoting children's welfare and improving their abilities and skills
Organisation activities

GDD is a charity founded in Turkey in 2014 under license No. 34-209-183 and operates according to the Turkish Associations Law. We seek to effectively contribute to meeting the humanitarian and development needs (poverty, youth, child, and women) of the Palestinian community in the Gaza Strip on a scientific basis through coordinated and participatory humanitarian interventions, which are based on the international Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), standards of integrity and transparency, humanitarian principles, and the relevant domestic law.

State of Palestine
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