Gargaar Relief and Development Organization(GREDO)

Aim of the organisation

GREDO aims: To contribute towards increasing availability, access to, and utilization of cost-effective, quality, and gender-sensitive nutrition, WASH, and health services, particularly for women, children, and other vulnerable groups in south-central Somalia. To contribute towards improving availability, accessibility, and utilization of equitable quality basic education services to communities in South Central Somalia. To contribute towards improving food and nutrition security, incomes at the individual, household, and community level, and resilience and the provision of emergency response services among vulnerable and affected communities. VISION: “A vision of prosperous, healthy, and a happy society where peace resides, and people live with dignity.” MISSION: To improve the living standards of the served communities by delivering effective Emergency Response, Resilience and Development interventions, promoting local capacities and resources.

Organisation activities

GREDO's activities focus on aspects of emergency, humanitarian responses, and development/resilience programs. GREDO’s programmatic thematic areas include Education, Health, Nutrition, WASH, Livelihoods, Resilience, Environmental management, and governance with a focus on human rights, access to justice, women empowerment, and protection of the vulnerable communities and individuals especially IDPs, refugees, and returnees. GREDO is dedicated to promoting the rights and status of marginalized groups enabling them to seek and secure sustainable livelihoods to create a society that has equitable access to all opportunities. The organization maintains excellent relations with all international and civil society organizations within the country in the aspects of relief, rehabilitation, development, peace building, and human rights.

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