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Doaba's vision is "Disaster prone communities becoming Self-reliant in pursuit of their common interests". Doaba's mission is to improve the quality of life among rural and riverine communities focusing on more vulnerable groups of communities such as persons with disabilities, marginalized groups, smallholder families, widows, orphans, etc.

Organisation activities

1- Humanitarian Response, Recovery, Rehabilitation 2- Resilience Building includes CBDRM, Disability inclusive DRR, Climate Change Adaptation in the face of natural disasters and CC. 3- Disability Inclusive livelihoods focusing on on-farm and off-farm options 4- Food and Nutrition Security; focusing on the availability of food, access to food, use and utilization and stability 5- Community-Based inclusive development focusing on disaster risk reduction, quality health services, livelihoods of persons with disabilities, rights of persons with disabilities, accessible services and formation of organizations of persons with disabilities 6- Human and Institutional Development includes capacity building of CSOs, governmental departments, humanitarian networks and own organizational system development etc. 7- Gender mainstreaming and protection of vulnerable groups 8- Environmental safeguarding and climate change adaptation approaches 9- Water, Sanitation and Hygiene 10- NRM

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