Christian Relief and Development Organisation

Aim of the organisation

CREDO is a non-profit, non-political, non-governmental organization (NGO) whose objectives are  

    To contribute to the promotion of a global development based on the participation of the grassroots communities  

    To promote training actions in integrated development projects based on the participation of the populations, on the protection of the environment, etc. ;   

    To undertake in a general way any form of intervention likely to improve life in the village and in the urban areas 

Its vision is to be a competitive humanitarian and development organization recognized as a public utility and exporting its expertise in the sub-region by 2025 

Its mission is to work with grassroots communities to enable vulnerable people to regain their dignity as men made in the image of God, free and responsible. 



Organisation activities

CREDO intervenes in : 

Education through schools and vocational training centers. A sponsorship of vulnerable children is done through contributions from donors from the North but also national. Accelerated schooling is also implemented for out-of-school children over the age of 9. 

The protection of children's rights through community sponsorship projects, projects to promote and respect the right to sexual and reproductive health of children  

Food security and resilience: through peace building projects and implementation of recovery activities 

Care for refugees and IDPs through GBV/PEAS prevention and care activities, education, distribution of food and non-food items, psychological assistance, etc.  

Burkina Faso
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