CBM Global Disability Inclusion

Aim of the organisation

CBM Global Disability Inclusion is a dual mandate and partnership based organisation working alongside people with disabilities in the world’s poorest places to fight poverty and exclusion and transform lives. Driven by Christian values, we seek out and work with the most marginalised in society, irrespective of race, gender, age or religion, recognising the equal worth of every individual. Drawing on over 100 years’ experience and world-leading expertise in disability-inclusive community development and humanitarian action, inclusive eye health and community mental health, CBM Global works with partners to break the cycle of poverty and disability, treat and prevent conditions that lead to disability and build inclusive communities. CBM Global Vision: An inclusive world in which all people with disabilities enjoy their human rights and achieve their full potential. CBM Global Mission: Fighting to end the cycle of poverty and disability

Organisation activities

CBM Global works to implement development and humanitarian projects in partnership with organisations of persons with disabilities in the areas of community based inclusive development, humanitarian action, inclusive eye health & neglected tropical diseases and community mental health. We work in over 20 countries, investing in long-term, authentic partnership with the Disability Movement and maximising our impact through a coordinated mix of inclusive community-based programmes, local to global advocacy and delivering disability inclusion technical assistance to other organisations.

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