Caritas Catholic Diocese of Homa Bay

Aim of the organisation

With a vision to be 'A community Empowered through Holistic Development' and a Mission 'to Transform Communities through socioeconomic interventions', Caritas Homa Bay exists to handle the socioeconomic development programs of the Catholic Diocese of Homa Bay. The primary objective of Caritas Homa Bay interventions is to transform livelihoods of local communities and to empower beneficiaries with the means to engage in productive and self-sustaining activities. For this purpose, Caritas Homa Bay has identified five specific focus areas. These are; capacity building for strengthened governance and accountability, humanitarian work for improved emergency response, livelihoods for improved sustenance, women and gender development for equality in the sharing of resources and benefits as well as information, research and advocacy for lobbying for pro poor legislation and policies to support vulnerable groups.

Organisation activities

Our signature project is care for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) with a preferential focus on those living with the HIV/Aids virus. We currently support over 22,419 OVC through case management model where those that are supported up to the age of 17, or to a reasonable level of self reliance (whichever comes first) are procedural exited to give room for more vulnerable ones. We also work with women living with HIV to form support groups that accord them psycho-social support to live positively. We support children with various physical disabilities to access education and help improve their survival in the community.

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