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Aim of the organisation

As an organisation, we value partnership. We are proud to have built productive partnerships with donation, logistics, distribution and institutional partners, including multinational corporations, government agencies, NGOs, advisory groups, local groups and grassroots organisations. Our partners are not only international but locally based, ensuring that we work collaboratively with active participation both from and in close proximity to communities we serve, mobilising vital expertise and facilitating local empowerment. We recognise the staying power that local, grassroots organisations have within communities, and acknowledge that long-lasting commitment to local issues most often comes from community-embedded organisations. Our partnerships provide us with a strong foundation upon which we are able to maximise our impact.

Organisation activities

We are proud to have reached over 2.5 million people through our aid donations since beginning our operations in 2015, delivering over 140 million USD of humanitarian and medical aid items to communities among others, in Iraq, Sierra Leone, Lesotho, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Libya, Republic of Congo, Guinea, Pakistan, Lebanon, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Algeria, Mozambique and Yemen. Our programmes aim to build skills, improve physical and mental wellbeing, and ensure health needs are addressed. We work to facilitate positive opportunities for those living in refugee and IDP camps, especially women and children, to generate a sense of optimism and hopefulness for the future.

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