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Our mission is to work in partnership with communities, to deliver programmes that enrich their lives and help create better futures for them and their families.

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Brighter Communities Worldwide works in partnership with communities to deliver programmes that are based on the needs of the people in a way that is sustainable and long lasting. • We are advocates for people who don't have a voice • We work in partnership with local people, officials, NGOs and governments • We give people the tools to build on what they already have • We build on the traditional way of doing things to improve lives for everyone Our key programme areas are Health, Education and Economic Empowerment. We fund and deliver projects that ensure: • Access to good, affordable health care • Education to help people find a job and be able to articulate their needs • An income that can sustain a family • Healthier lives with a supply of clean water and improved facilities Brighter Communities Worldwide see itself as a catalyst for change; we kick start development and enable communities to prosper and grow through creating connections and empowe

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