Barnfonden Insamlingsstiftelsen

Aim of the organisation

Barnfonden's vision is a sustainable world where children are cared for, given the opportunity to develop and where they are listened to. A world where all children can say: I'm safe! I'm healthy! I'm happy! I have an education! I have a voice! Our mission is: Together with children, we create sustainable solutions that protect and advance their rights and well-being. We do this through partnerships, empowerment and a holistic approach. Related to our humanitarian commitment, according to our strategic plan: We anticipate and mitigate, as well as respond to humanitarian disasters when children are at their most vulnerable, following clear engagement guidelines and working with effective, appropriate partners. Disaster risk reduction is incorporated into programming, acknowledging the humanitarian-development nexus. Barnfonden is part of the international ChildFund Alliance, reaching 23m people in 70 countries. Most humanitarian work supports ChildFund Alliance member responses.

Organisation activities

Barnfonden raises funds and provides grant writing, logistical and technical support to our ChildFund Alliance partners who design and deliver humanitarian responses. Responses are typically led by ChildFund Alliance members WeWorld Italy (ECHO accreditation), EDUCO Spain ( a full member of CHS) and ChildFund International USA, using their trained personnel responding and working through local partners who are networked with coordination mechanisms. In 2022 we contributed project development and funding (EU 125 000 to responses in Afghanistan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Bangladesh and Philippines, as well as to the conflict response in the Ukraine (EU 45 000)) to support our Alliance partners. Our commitment to CHS is demonstration of our intent to become more active as humanitarian partners.

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