CHS verification data


Based on the CHS verification data that you submit to us, we will now regularly share aggregated results, so that you can check how your organisation is doing compared to the rest of the sector. 

Based on the CHS verification data that you submit to us, we regulary share aggregated results. To data, we have complied a total of 61 verification sets, namely:

  • 17 Certifications
  • 6 Independent Verifications
  • 1 Peer Review
  • 37 Self-Assessments (including 1 for secretariat)

The dashboards illustrate the average performance of those 54 organisations whose scores have been validated either through HQAI's external audit process or through the CHS Alliance quality check of incoming Self-Assessments.

We continue to encourage all our members to undertake one of the verification options. If you are considering this and have any questions, please contact Adrien Muratet.

At the Commitment level, these are the trends we can observe: 

  • Only one Commitment is reaching the required score of 3, namely Commitment 6 on the coordination of the response;
  • At the other end of the spectrum, Commitment 5 on complaints mechanisms, only gets a 2.0, showing a more significant weakness. 

The comparison between results coming from Self-Assessments or Peer Reviews, and third-party audits (Independent Verification or Certification) shows similar trends reaffirming the validity of each of the verification options when it comes to measuring the performance of an organisation against the Standard.

Looking at the same results disaggregated by indicators type (dashboard below), a clear trend appears according to which for the majority of the Nine Commitments the score for the Key Actions (KA) is lower than the one for Organisational Responsibilities (OR). This indicates that the weakness lies with the implementation of the existing guidance & policies more than with a potential lack of them.

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