Sylvie RobertSylvie Robert is an independent consultant with 25 years of experience, specializing in Quality and Accountability to Affected Populations (AAP). Her field experience since 1992 is with complex emergencies in the Balkans, the Great Lakes of Africa, Central America and South Asia, as well as in development contexts, with specific work on the links between emergency and development.

Sylvie designs, facilitates and coaches processes (strategies, M&E, reviews, AAP frameworks, etc.), events(trainings, trainings of trainers, lessons learned, etc.), and tools (agendas, training materials, guidelines, etc.). She works primarily with field practitioners to identify lessons from the implementation, learn from those and stimulate change, specifically in complex environments.

Last but not least, Sylvie is a registered lead auditor with HQAI (Humanitarian Quality Assurance Initiative) on the CHS (Core humanitarian Standard) and a CHS Alliance approved trainer.

CHS Alliance approved trainer on:

  • The Core Humanitarian Standard

Location: Ethiopia