Aneeta WilliamsAneeta is a human rights lawyer from SE Asia now international development and humanitarian practitioner based in the UK with a passion to prevent, respond and support access to justice for vulnerable and young victims and witnesses of abuse, violence and exploitation. With a Masters-in-Law (Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law) and a multi-disciplinary MA (International Child Studies) from King’s College London, Aneeta is an advocate for change in the aid sector. Over the last 16 years she worked for a variety of INGOs in the UK and travelled extensively across the globe to strengthen the capacity of aid agencies, faith-based international organisations and their local partners to develop organisational standards, policies and procedures on safeguarding and accountability mechanisms with a view to improving the quality of their international programmes, operations and fundraising. She is an accredited PSEA Investigator and Trainer; an associated trainer with BOND and other training providers, and a former Trustee of the Keeping Children Safe Coalition. She works extensively with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as a Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative (PSVI) Expert (Legal/Gender) and has been deployed to various conflict and post-conflict zones and with DFID on issues of safeguarding. Aneeta is available to train, support, advice and mentor international agencies as well as investigate abuse, exploitation and harassment concerns. She is fluent in English, speaks Malay and has a basic understanding of Tamil and French.

Location: United Kingdom