TearFund Switzerland

Aim of the organisation

TearFund Switzerland (hereafter TFCH) is a ZEWO- and ISO-certified Swiss NGO that has been active in international relief and development cooperation for forty years. The overarching objective is to build peaceful, just, and inclusive societies (geared toward SDG16+). TFCH seeks to address a wide range of crisis and challenges faced by individuals and communities around the world. TFCH works to provide immediate assistance during crisis and also engages in long-term development efforts to address the root causes of these challenges, promote resilience, and to improve the overall sense of dignity and well-being of communities in need.

Organisation activities

The main foci of TFCH are the following: 1. Preventative health care - target groups live healthier lives. This incorporates health education, as well as water access and management. 2. Safeguarding livelihoods and income generation. Aim to improve the sustaniability and economic well-being of self-reliant communities, reduce poverty, and enhance overall resilience to external challenges. 3. Education for development. Contribute to sustainable development, justice, peace, and security.

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