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Aim of the organisation

Safety n Us is a proactive organization which seeks to address the root cause of forms of violence against children in the context of the 21st century connected society. In the digital society children have surpassed their adults in technology usage and have been thrown in the deep end of technology, exposing them to new forms of vulnerability. Direct violence takes the forms of cyberbullying, exposure to illicit content and even scams. Technology also exposes them to pedophiles and traffickers which lead to child sexual abuse, trafficking and sometimes drug abuse. Given the digital divide between the younger and older generations, it is imperative to address child violence with new and innovative ways that can match the complex dangers against children irrespective of gender, sex or disability in a digital society. Young generations were thrown into the deep end and so there is need to rescue them and pay as much attention as possible to safeguard them from all forms of violence.

Organisation activities

Safety n Us seeks to provide comprehensive, systematic and pro-active child safety solutions against old and new forms of vulnerability in the context of the 21st century digital society using awareness and trainings. We mobilize resources in order to address and facilitate the protection of children from violence which may be a committed on-line or facilitated by being online. As an organization we offer psychosocial support to all children affected by any forms of violence. This may be those who have already been abused or those who are at risk of being vulnerable to certain types of violence. While fighting the stigma among children affected by violence through awareness raising, counseling & referrals, we provide a medium for advocacy on behalf of children against all forms of violence. We realize that after awareness raising, there is a need for strategic advocacy to mobilize stakeholders in government and other policymaking and put legislation in place

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