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Our Vision To help women, children, and the poor reach their full human potential. Our Mission A world in which all women, children and the poor have full equality and full access to the resources.

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SAACID is one of the Somalia’s oldest continuously operational indigenous non-governmental women organization. SAACID has continually operated in the anarchic context of Somalia for more than 30 years now. SAACID is a not-for-profit, non-political, non-governmental women’s organization (NGO) that has been dedicated to the empowerment of Somali women, children and the poor. SAACID has worked in 7 operational sectors in its operational history: 1. Women’s Empowerment 2. Education 3. Health, Nutrition, Water and Sanitation 4. Development and Livelihoods 5. Conflict Resolution and Governance 6. Emergency Relief 7. Research

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