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Aim of the organisation

International Media Support (IMS) is a non-profit organisation working to strengthen the capacity of media to reduce conflict, strengthen democracy and facilitate dialogue. IMS envisions peaceful, stable and democratic societies with accountable institutions that are sustained, supported and promoted through strong and effective public interest media in an enabling environment with freedom of expression and access to information. IMS’ mission is to contribute to a vibrant and inclusive civic space where the media induces actions that further human rights, accountability and social, political and cultural change. As part of this, our goal is to have public interest media reach relevant audiences so that they can discuss, share and act on this content, and to have media and civic groups and organisations to collaborate to bring about this change.

Organisation activities

IMS has three strategic outcome areas to bring about its overall vision and mission (impact/goal):

OUTCOME 1: PUBLIC INTEREST CONTENT + MEDIA: Resilient public interest media produce and distribute ethical, inclusive content that audiences trust;

OUTCOME 2: ENABLING ENVIRONMENT - SAFETY: Local safety mechanisms protect media workers of all genders, mitigate the risks they face and address impunity both online and offline and civic/civil orgs. use;

OUTCOME 3: ENABLING ENVIRONMENT - POLICY AND LAW: Media, media support organisations and civic/civil orgs.: 1)Resist restrict restrictions to human rights and advance them where possible 2)Advance laws and policies in line with international standards 3) Manage disinformation and hate speech.

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