Abs Development Organization for woman and child

Aim of the organisation

ADO undertakes the task of contributing to everyone by creating a better standard of living for women and children youth and minorities and providing innovative and sustainable solutions in the field of humanitarian response and improving livelihood opportunities. Fighting poverty and contributing to the eradication of ignorance and diseases through the establishment of development and relief projects for the neediest groups affected by the war and establishing partnership relations with civil society organizations, public and private sector institutions, and international organizations. With a focus on efficiency and continuity in its workflow.

Organisation activities

ADO interventions are considered under two main sectors, Emergency Humanitarian Response Sector which includes Health: Nutrition, WASH, Food security and livelihood, and shelter. and the other sector is Gender and Development includes Gender Based Violence (GBV), Protection, and Education. Also, ADO tried to implement an innovative solutions to ensure the sustainability of the projects

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