General Assembly and Board elections

Virtual General Assembly of the CHS Alliance,
and elections of Board members
10-16 May 2018

From Thursday 10 to Wednesday 16 May 2018, full members of the CHS Alliance will be invited to elect 7 Board members and participate in the virtual General Assembly.

On Friday 17 May all members, full and associate, will be invited to participate in a webinar, announcing the results of the Board elections.

All votes will be collected online, and further details about how to do it will be shared in due time.

Board elections

Nominations for the Board are now open and all members (full and associate) are invited to read the following documents and support candidates:

Please note that the Board nomination forms need to be sent to no later than Monday 19 March 2018 (midday GMT+2).

In order to be able to vote, we will require each full member to fill in and return the following form:

If you have any query about the General Assembly or the election process, please contact us at