Technical Assistance

CHS Alliance (through the work of HAP International) provided technical assistance to the 3MDG Fund and its implementing partners on issues related to accountability, equity, inclusion and conflict sensitivity (AEI & CS)  from 2014 to mid-2015. 3MDG supports the provision of health services in Myanmar and contributes towards the country’s efforts to achieve the three health-related Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

3MDG aims to address the social factors limiting access to health services including gender, age, social identity, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, cultural norms, disability, education, economics and politics. The AEI & CS project supports strengthening community health systems through more meaningful participation and use of the skills, strengths and knowledge of community members. In turn, this will result in better services and consumer satisfaction.

In 2014, HAP supported the fund in the development of eight standards on AEI&CS  (see below) which were adapted to the Myanmar context. The standards  provided a framework to guide the fund implementing partners in their work. HAP supported the partners to better apply the standard through on the ground training and coaching with the support of a dedicated HAP team based in Yangon.

In July 2015, as HAP moved ahead with its merger into CHS Alliance, it closed its Myanmar office and will continue to be an active supporter of implementation of AEI in Myanmar, upon request, as part of its global programme which is operated out of Geneva. It will also continue to link with the Myanmar Accountability Learning Working Group as part of our ongoing relationship.

The Alliance applauds the 3MDG Fund for taking this innovative step to include AEI&CS as part of the pooled funding methodology. We encourage other donor funds to promote the consistent application of the Core Humanitarian Standard across pooled funding mechanisms in a way that is similar to the approach taken by 3MDG, with the CHS and/or AEI&CS mainstreamed from the early design stages.