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“It is really engaging if you want accountability to happen”

From 16 to 19 October the CHS Alliance hosted a Training of Trainers workshop on the Core Humanitarian Standard on Quality and Accountability (CHS) in Geneva. In total 15 persons from all walks of the humanitarian sector participated in the four-day training with the aim to learn more about the CHS and become able to train their colleagues and others on the CHS.

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The report of HHR Europe is out now!

The 2017 Humanitarian Human Resources (HHR) Europe conference brought together 71 HR and people management professionals from Europe and beyond to explore and discuss the topic of localisation. Explore our conference page and download the final report to learn more about the topic.

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“If I know myself, I can plant something”

A humanitarian aid worker with 12 years of experience preparing communities to natural disasters in Bangladesh, Obaidul Islam Munna joined the Talent Development Programme in 2016. His line manager was participating in coaching sessions and this is what inspired him to apply. “That’s how my journey started,” says Munna, who besides his day-to-day work is also involved in a series of community theatre projects involving youth volunteers in order to raise awareness about disaster preparedness.

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COAST Trust joins response to Rohingya crisis

As the Rohingya crisis unfolds and threatens to become the next major humanitarian disaster, our sector is once again put to the test to provide timely, relevant and high quality response. Aid agencies are in a difficult position because they have limited access to Rakhine State, the main affected area, to relieve the suffering of the Rohingya people, and can mostly help from abroad. In this challenging situation, how can humanitarian organisations respond effectively?

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The CHS Alliance welcomes 11 new members

The CHS Alliance is pleased to welcome 11 new members: Amra Kaj Kory, Association of Voluntary Actions for Society, Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh, Dhaka Ahsania Mission, Dushtha Shashthya Kendra, Fondation Mérieux, Gana Unnayan Kendra, People in Need (Člověk v tísni), Socio-Economic Development & Human Rights, SOS Sahel Ethiopia and the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade, Government of Australia.

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CHS launches in Filipino (Tagalog)

The Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) is now available in Filipino (Tagalog). The CHS management team would like to thank Christian Aid and the Center for Disaster Preparedness for preparing the translation. The CHS in Filipino (Tagalog) will be an invaluable resource for humanitarian and development organisations working across Asia and worldwide.

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Global Learning Forum to take place from 04 to 08 September in Geneva

From 04 to 08 September 30 practitioners involved in the Talent Development Project, which sought to build the capacity and competencies of humanitarian workers in Bangladesh, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Jordan and Kenya, will gather for a four-day learning event to take stock of its achievements, and identify and share lessons.

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Join the discussion about the dual pay system

Following research into the systems for rewarding international and national staff in NGOs, Dr. Ishbel McWha-Hermann will present the project findings and give you a chance to ask the project team questions about the research. We are hoping that this discussion will stimulate further debate within NGOs and provide some practical alternatives to the dual pay system.

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HHR Asia conference page

During crisis, humanitarian organisations may experience an abrupt change in the ways their operations are run. Join HHR Asia to find out how to increase your organisation’s resilience so that you will be prepared when challenges arise.

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COAST Trust hosts seminar to boost ‘localisation’ agenda

On 19 August, in anticipation of World Humanitarian Day, the Coastal Association for Social Transformation Trust (COAST Trust) will be hosting a seminar to take stock of the implementation of the Grand Bargain and the Charter for Change in Bangladesh. It is a first step towards a nation-wide campaign to promote what is often referred to as ‘localisation’.

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New case study: Blended learning

Blended learning offers humanitarian organisations a cost-effective way of providing greater access to capacity strengthening. This case study reflects on examples from the sector taken from material in the public arena, interviews with learning specialists and published work, and presents the challenges and opportunities the future will bring.

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How can humanitarian organisations encourage more women in surge?

Disasters affect women and men equally therefore it is important to have women equally represented in humanitarian response teams and to ensure that they play a leadership role during emergencies. Transforming Surge Capacity Project’s latest report with CARE and ActionAid seeks to tackle the issue by discussing their role in surge responses.

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CHS and the Guidance Notes and Indicators launch in Vietnamese

The Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) and the CHS Guidance Notes and Indicators are now available in Vietnamese. The CHS management team would like to thank the Disaster Management Working Group in Vietnam for coordinating the translation. The CHS in Vietnamese will be an invaluable resource for humanitarian and development organisations working across Asia and worldwide.

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