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Launch of On the road to Istanbul – providing concrete solutions to issues of humanitarian effectiveness at the World Humanitarian Summit

The Alliance’s first publication, On the road to Istanbul: how can the World Humanitarian Summit make humanitarian response more effective?, has been launched online. Bringing together 13 leading humanitarian thinkers to discuss challenges to greater humanitarian effectiveness, this 2015 edition of the Humanitarian Accountability Report offers concrete solutions to many of the issues raised during the global consultation for the World Humanitarian Summit.

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Japan’s first Quality and Accountability Network launched

Japan’s first network working specifically focused on quality and accountability was launched in July 2015. At the launch of network, there was a renewed commitment to better serve people and communities affected by crisis through the assimilation and practice of the core quality and accountability concepts.

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Youth Civic Engagement: International Youth Day 2015

Today marks the UN's International Youth Day and this year's theme is Youth Civic Engagement. Although engaging youth and children is key to achieving sustainable development, young people are not always given opportunities to participate. To mark International Youth Day, we have gathered together some key examples of work done by the members of the CHS Alliance, in order to inspire a greater focus on participation with young people.

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Creation of the Humanitarian Quality Assurance Initiative

The Humanitarian Quality Assurance Initiative (the Initiative) is a new organisation which has been set up today following the launch of the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) to promote quality and accountable support to vulnerable communities affected by crisis or at risk of crisis, through the provision of accessible, high-quality verification and certification services to NGOs worldwide.

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Launch of the CHS Alliance website

In preparation for the launch of the CHS Alliance in Nairobi on 9th June 2015, we are delighted to launch the website for the CHS Alliance. This website offers members and other stakeholders of the Alliance an overview of the services provided, the opportunity to book events and training, and will be a platform to connect to members and through which members can connect with each other.

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