Invitation to review the 2018 edition of the Humanitarian Accountability Report (HAR)

Why does our sector struggle to make change happen even when we all agree it should? With the Agenda for Humanity and the Grand Bargain underway, it’s critical that the humanitarian system overcome its past difficulties and be better equipped to successfully drive the reform agenda forward.

In the past 15 years there have been many reform efforts in the humanitarian sector, with varying degrees of success. The Good Humanitarian Donorship initiative, the Humanitarian Reform, the Transformative Agenda and, more recently, the Grand Bargain all started with ambitious agendas. Only a few, however, have managed to fully achieve their objectives.

The 2018 edition of the Human Accountability Report (HAR) will focus on the way our sector manages change. It will analyse the factors that trigger change in the following fields:

  1. Putting people at the centre / participation revolution
  2. Harmonising reporting requirements
  3. Pushing the localisation agenda
  4. Putting an end to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA) and Sexual Harassment and Abuse (SHA)
  5. Inclusive response
  6. CASH revolution 

We are inviting you, our members, to review our flagship report. As a peer reviewer, you would go through a chapter and provide us with your comments and suggestions. We need as much input as possible in order to ensure that we do not miss any aspects that are determining in your respective contexts. The chapters of the HAR will be submitted to you for revision in the first half of May.

Please indicate which chapter you would like to review by sending a message to Bonaventure Sokpoh, our Head of Policy, Advocacy and Learning: bsokpoh@chsalliance.org.