A big welcome to UNRWA Spain, our newest member!

United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) Spain was established in 2005 as the first UNRWA Committee worldwide. Its main objectives are to raise awareness among the Spanish population about the situation of Palestinian refugees and to help the refugee population reach the highest standards of human development. Committed to the humanitarian cause of Palestinian refugees, UNRWA Spain raises funds and disseminates the work that UNRWA provides to refugees. Its activities focus mainly on development, education, and awareness raising. You can find more detailed information about UNRWA Spain at: www.unrwa.es

As a humanitarian and development organization, we are deeply committed to delivering quality and accountable assistance to the 5.2 million refugees from Palestine who we serve, our team and our counterparts, and we believe that we are in line with the Core Humanitarian Standard. With shared values and a lot of entusiasm, we look forward to taking part in the Alliance's initiatives.

- Raquel Martí, Executive Director, UNRWA Spain