Assessment Against the CHS – Report Template

This document is the CHS assessment reporting tool. It is the document to be filled by all members of CHS Alliance who chose to conduct a CHS assessment, whether self-assessment or peer review, to present and submit their results to the CHS Alliance secretariat, who will review it and come back to the organisation within four weeks.

Finally, the CHS Alliance has created a number of tools and services to support our members in the preparation of this intense exercise. First and foremost, we encourage all members to read the available guidance on completing a CHS assessment, available on the CHS Alliance website, and without which the completion of a CHS ssessment is impossible. Second, an E-learning course is available here. Third, a standing webinar is now organized on a bi-monthly basis for all members to get a presentation on the CHS assessment process, hear the experience from others, and ask questions they may have during the preparation phase. The webinars are all posted on the events page of the CHS Alliance website.

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