Peer review

Peer review is a four-year cycle and is for organisations that want an assurance from one of their peers that they are making demonstrated, measurable progress implementing the CHS. It is managed by CHS Alliance. It is important to note that this option has not been field tested. In this case, it is envisaged that the peer organisation that will carry out document reviews, interviews with key staff, partners and affected communities and people and other stakeholders (partners, donors, etc.), and direct observation at selected project sites. The first step will be a self-assessment at the level of documented policies and procedures at the headquarters of the organisation. This will form the basis for the discussion with the peer reviewer to identify the number of field sites to be visited (by the peer reviewer). Based on the results, the organisation will discuss with the peer reviewer how to address the issues identified during the peer review and how to report on this to the CHS Alliance (as part of CHS Alliance membership requirement) at the end of each year. At the end of the fourth year, the cycle will begin again. CHS Alliance members can decide whether to continue with this option or choose any of the three other available options.

For more information about peer review and CHS Verification Scheme, please contact Bonaventure Sokpoh.