Networks and Learning Groups

The CHS Alliance stimulates and facilitates learning and improvement by drawing on learning from its members and its own activities. We also support networks and learning groups where our members can connect, share and learn from their peers in the sector with relevant expertise and similar experiences. 

Our networks are spaces for our members to meet, connect, learn, collaborate and discuss the issues they are grappling with day-to-day in their own agencies or when looking ahead at next practice. We encourage individuals from the humanitarian and development sector to join them and participate, be it face-to-face or virtually. Members lead in shaping the content and topics, while the Alliance helps ensure they also include thought-provoking speakers or resources from outside the sector. 

The majority of network meetings are free for members, excluding Humanitarian Human Resources (HHR) conferences. Non-members can pay to attend certain meetings while others are exclusive to members.

We also work with existing networks. If you run a network (e.g. an NGO people management, quality or accountability group in your country), we would be delighted to hear from you and discover how we can benefit each other’s work by expanding our respective scope and reach.

Our networks and learning groups: